Homebound: 2017

Unity 3D Game based on Finnish folklore

Macchinisto: 2009

An Unreal 3 mod by 8 students

Square Off: 2017

Newstoy for Polygon/Vox Media

Ellie Beagle Therapy Dog: 2017

Unity Game for Mental Health Advocacy

Polar Plunder: 2012

An undergraduate developed game for change

Zombie Racer: 2011

An iPhone/iPad Game

Astro Smash: 2011

An iPhone/iPad Multitouch Game

ShapeMaker: 2011

STEM based game to teach computer programming via hybrid-analogue play

Horse Owner: 2011

An iPhone/iPad Game

Karma: 2011

A board game about achieving enlightenment

Doodle Dood: 2009

An original drawing platformer by 2 students

Persuasive Play Studio: eCredable Adventures 2012

An advergame for eCredable client (financial services)

IMS Advergame: 2010

An advergame in Unity3D

The High School Game: 2012

A game designed to prepare tweens for the challenges of high school

Nut Warz: 2009

A Torque Gamebuilder game by 3 students

Ascension: 2008

A Blitz3D game programmed by Lindsay, designed by 7 students

Asylum: 2008

A Half Life 2 mod by 8 students

Dawn of Evil: 2008

A Half Life 2 mod by 8 students


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